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1. What is life coaching for kids?

Life coaching for kids is all about empowering kids through mindset development. Kids learn how to use the power of their mind and the power of their thoughts to create happiness, confidence, and success in their lives, so that they can take their life, goals, and dreams wherever they want to go.

Coaching helps kids develop resilience skills. A life coach helps children learn how to manage life’s
“curveballs” — whether it’s facing a big change or dealing with a major disappointment. Kids learn how to
bounce back and pick themselves up, so they can “go for it” in life.

• Coaching helps kids develop self-esteem from the “inside out”. This helps kids learn how to base their
self-esteem on who they are, not on what they have achieved, who they know, or what they do.


Coaching helps kids learn to believe in themselves and build self-confidence. A life coach helps kids learn how to move through anxiety and fear, so they can stretch outside of their comfort zone, create courage, and go for their dreams with confidence.

• Coaching helps kids develop their own “inner compass”. A life coach helps kids learn how to think for themselves and make good decisions, so they can stand up to peer pressure and be their own person.

• Coaching helps kids learn to live life with intention versus drifting through life without direction. By learning self-leadership skills, kids develop an empowered way of thinking that will help them develop a vision for their lives.

Life coaching is about supporting our kids in living their best life! Just like a baseball coach
helps kids develop skills, confidence, and ability to thrive in baseball; a certified WISDOM
Coach helps kids develop the skills, confidence, and ability to thrive in life.

2. How is life coaching different from counseling?

Although life coaching and counseling may have similarities, such as asking the important questions, listening, and finding patterns in people's lives, they are not the same thing. Counseling is often effective for people with specific issues to lead a more normal, productive life or to get back on track – these types of issues might include anxiety, depression, OCD, moving past abuse, or going through a personal crisis at home such as an illness or divorce. Life coaching is different. It is about helping people get from where they are to where they want
to be. For most people that means reaching higher goals and creating greater success, creating more balance and happiness in their lives, and feeling more fulfilled in their lives and in their relationships – it’s about creating what they want. In many ways counseling is about resolving or managing issues from the past, whereas life
coaching is about creating the future and helping clients achieve the ultimate vision they have for their lives.

3. Isn’t that the parent’s job?

People often confuse parenting and “life coaching for kids”. Life coaching goes beyond the traditional parenting roles of moral and character development and it goes beyond learning how to treat others and learning how to behave. WISDOM Coaching is all about teaching kids empowerment skills and personal development skills, so they can become self-leaders of their own lives. Think of it as leadership training for kids. The system we use is called the WISDOM System for Coaching Kids. Through the system kids learn how to use the power of their mind and the power of their thoughts to create happiness, confidence, and success in their lives. And the best part is...they get to learn it through stories. Our coaches work in partnership with parents – they are part of that parental team of trusted advisors to help their children thrive in life.

4. My child doesn’t have a problem, is life coaching for him?

Life coaching isn’t just for kids who are facing challenges or problems. Helping kids learn how to reach their fullest potential is about personal development and personal empowerment so that they will be ready to face any challenge that comes their way. The skills they learn can be used for the rest of their lives!

5. What will the children learn?

Through WISDOM Coaching, kids learn powerful mindset skills and success principals that are critical for creating happiness, confidence, and success in their lives – and the key is how they think about themselves and what is possible for their lives.


Through WISDOM Coaching kids learn...

• How to recognize and shift limiting beliefs that hurt self-esteem and hold them back in life. They also learn how to proactively create supportive beliefs that will promote them in feeling good about themselves, believing in themselves, and in creating a happy fulfilling life.

• Kids learn the values of self-leaders such as the power of taking full responsibility for their lives, the importance of living life with integrity, and the importance of treating others with respect while always treating themselves with respect as well.

• Kids learn how to think for themselves and make decisions which helps them develop their inner compass and learn how to stand up to peer pressure.

• Kids learn how to feel good about themselves even when things don’t go their way so that their self-esteem is based on the inside-out and not based on who they know, what they do, or what they have.

• Kids learn how to believe in themselves even after facing a disappointment so that they can move through their upset and their fear to create courage and self-confidence.

• Kids learn how to live life with intention and with direction, so they don’t drift through life.

• Kids learn how to develop a mindset for creating success in their lives including learning how to set and achieve their goals.

• Kids learn how to manage change so that they can thrive in the new circumstances.


These are skills that most programs geared for kids do not cover.

6. What does WISDOM stand for?

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